Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Collection of ALL Kinds of Reading Resources, ALL in 1 Place!

We know that parents and teachers have only so much time to research, locate and review materials and resources to help the challenged readers they care about and serve.

Wouldn't it be a great thing if a SIZABLE collection of ALL kinds of reading resources could be available and easily accessible in ONE place? We certainly think so! That is why this week, which is the midpoint of the first academic quarter for the school year, we have decided to provide you with a list of CATEGORIZED reading resources here to help you meet the needs of the struggling readers (and other readers) you know, courtesy of our Pinterest boards!

These resources are some of the most popular and effective reading resources we know for children and teens who experience various issues when they attempt to read. We hope you will take just a few minutes now to quickly review the categoried board links AND "Follow" those relevant to you and your child(ren) or students.

If your time is particularly limited this week, please feel free to simply "Follow" our entire Pinterest page at, as it includes MANY other boards with educational resources for special needs, parenting, teaching, homeschooling and much more. We hope you'll re-visit our page often because we pin relevant resources there daily with a TOTAL of 137 boards at this writing!

Happy Reading----AND Pinning, everyone!

A Collection of ALL Kinds of Reading Resources---ALL in 1 Place!

Help for Struggling Readers---Resources, Links, and Activities for Challenged Readers

Good Books for Girls

Book Lists for Boys

Rockin' Reading Resources

Reading Resources GALORE!


Dr. Seuss We LOVE!

Decoding Resources

Dyslexia Resources & Support

Dyslexia Tools

Low Vision Resources & Support

Reading Tools for Kids---Tools and Strategies to Help Children Who Struggle to READ

Reading Technology Resources

Reading Apps to Help Kids

Vocabulary Fun

All About e-Books

All About Books

Summer Reading Resources

GREAT Places to READ!

For information on customizable low-tech & digital reading tools for all kinds of challenged readers, please visit: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info and support for struggling readers

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