Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can "Color" Make a Difference for Some Readers?

Did you know that the white background on a page of text can be "visually offensive" to some readers? Most definitely! By changing the background color of a page of print, focus, concentration, comprehension, and retention can be improved for many. Certain colors can actually "unblock" pathways in the brain, making it possible to improve brain connectivity. This can result in improved reading success.

At several recent conferences, many parents, teachers, and students were able to test colored overlays and the Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759) that were available for them. For some, yellow overlays worked well to bring words into focus and to "stop the letters from moving". For others, amber (an orange color), green, deep blue, or tan (like the blog here) worked best.

For those readers who needed color AND focusing help, the Reading Focus Card kits were the best option. With a choice of blue, yellow, and clear/non-glare reading window filters in every kit, readers can customize their Reading Focus Cards to suit their individual reading needs.

Developmental optometrists can evaluate and diagnose individual reading problems. Many times, the treatment will involve vision therapy or other options. This can be expensive and time consuming; however, the benefits can be significant.

An inexpensive and timesaving alternative can be the introduction of colored overlays or the use of Reading Focus Cards. They certainly provided some much needed help for readers at the recent conferences.


Press release: Patented ADHD Reading Tools Can Help ALL Kinds of Readers

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