Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Low-tech and Digital Supports for Challenged Readers and Writers

Part 3 & final article in a series about Assistive Technologies for Challenged Readers

Many of the keyword searches that bring visitors to our blog and websites revolve around the term “struggling" or "challenged" readers and writers (really?) We felt it was about time to provide a list of good tech tools for teachers, parents and others who work tirelessly with children and teens challenged with reading (dyslexia, convergence insufficiency, etc.) and/or writing (dysgraphia, dyspraxia, etc.)

To follow here, you will find a collection of supportive low-tech & digital technologies for spelling, grammar, decoding, tracking, fluency, word choice, reading level, and overall visual readability. We hope these tech resources will “fill the bill” for those who come to us looking for solutions to help the many struggling readers and writers everywhere.

Reading & Writing Support Tools for Challenged Readers & Writers

1. Clicker 7 - Custom onscreen keyboards, talking word processor, word prediction & more (Mac & PC-FREE trial)

2. Ghotit - Spelling/grammar checker software & mobile apps for dyslexia & dysgraphia
(Mac/PC/iOS/Android/Linux-FREE trial)

3. Ginger Software - Spellchecker for content (online, PC-FREE & $)

4. Grammarly - Grammar & spelling checker (FREE & $)

5. Low-tech Reading Focus Cards - Customizable reading tools for physical books, documents & other applications (From $16.95)

6. OpenDyslexic - Font designed by Abbie Gonzalez to ease visual aspects of reading for dyslexia (FREE)

7. Reading Focus Cards App - Virtual index card-like reading tool to aid visual focus, tracking, fluency, comprehension & retention---infinitely customizable (Mac, PC-$5.99)

8. Rewordify - Automatically defines, or substitutes simpler words in place on web pages (FREE)

9. Snap&Read Universal - Text-to-speech, image-to-text conversion & text leveling (simplify difficult words) for online reading (FREE trial)

10. Visual Thesaurus - Visual word map (online, Mac & PC-FREE & $)

11. WordQ - Allows readers to modify word prediction to use specific vocabulary or topics.(Various $)

12. WriteOnline - word banks, talking word processor, word prediction, mind mapping (online, Mac & PC-FREE trial)

My Assistive Technology Toolbox by Shelley Haven, ATP, RET

Software & Assistive Technology by DyslexiaHelp, University of Michigan

For more information about assistive technologies for challenged readers, please visit:
www.FocusandRead.com Tools for struggling readers of all ages!
www.BrennanInnovators.com Info & support for struggling readers

Image courtesy of:
Brennan Innovators, LLC at www.focusandread.com