Sunday, January 16, 2011

FREE Special Needs Teaching Resources

Happy New Year to all! As we turn another page on the calendar, it seems appropriate to provide you with some free resources that just might help your struggling learners have a great start to their new year, too.

So, here is a list of links that cover a variety of issues for challenged readers and learners. It is hoped that these resources will help them as well as their teachers and parents.

Please let me know how these various resources help your student(s), child(ren), or you. Feel free to contact me at I will welcome your comments! Many FREE resources for teachers can be found here. There are numerous downloads and printables for immediate classroom use! Aims to provide a FREE user-friendly website that provides high quality printables and resources for teachers and parents for use with children with special educational needs Free educational videos categorized by age of viewer and content area
Comic Books ADHD Children Will Love to Read (and Learn from, Too) ADHD Adults Raising ADHD Children: Parenting Strategies
Learn to read, write, spell & speak English with phonics & Instant Sound. The layout is in a step-by-step format, complete with hearing the sounds (turn your sound “on”!) and printables.
Free reading lessons and educational activities for K-5 Learn to Read: Free Phonics games, worksheets and flashcards
Create visual supports for your child with FREE online templates! A collection of resources on various aspects of learning disabilities with comments from community members. One of the world’s leading websites for learning disabilities and ADHD “Parent page” of above website
Safe Driving for ADD/ADHD Teen Drivers For focusing tools that help children and adults with reading challenges For info and support about reading challenges, ADHD, dyslexia and other issues

For more information: For ADHD focusing tools that work! For ADHD info and support

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