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MORE Android Tools & Apps for Kids Who Struggle to Read

One of our most recent articles on the blog here provided a significant number of Android apps for challenged readers (BEST Android Apps for Struggling Readers, November 2, 2013, Since that time, we have had quite a few of our readers request even more information about Android tools and apps for children who struggle to read. This week’s article has been written to address these requests in a timely manner.

The first two apps listed below (Read Me Stories and Storia) work well on most Android devices. You may know that the Android platform is gaining in popularity and use over the iOS platform in some regions, especially outside the U.S. At the same time, American users are increasing in number as well, however.

The Kindle Fire is an Android device that is definitely gaining in popularity and use. The ability for this device to provide a color display is most helpful to struggling readers, especially those who are visual learners. The Reading Rainbow app listed below here is perfect for the Kindle Fire. You might want to check it out for a challenged or reluctant young reader you know.

Finally, the last two apps in the list are for our youngest readers. Both Bookster and Tikatok StorySpark are FREE offerings that will capture a young one’s attention and retain it for the length of a reading selection. Bookster provides vocabulary skill building together with a recording option for your child to read aloud. Tikatok StorySpark not only promotes and encourages literacy, it enables a young child to write and “publish” his own creative stories.

As always, we hope that the resources included here will effectively assist parents and teachers of children who struggle to read.

More Android Apps for Kids Who Struggle to Read

Read Me Stories - for Android (also available for iOS)
This app is full of picture books with illustrations that children will love. While the narrator reads the book aloud, kids can follow along as the text lights up on the screen. There is a new book available for downloading every day.

Storia (FREE) - for Android (also available for iOS)
The perfect virtual bookshelf for families with children of all ages, Storia by Scholastic has many options for readers. Children choose books that spark their interest and are at their reading level. Audio and visual supports help struggling readers.

Reading Rainbow (FREE) - for Android
Download the Reading Rainbow app now to your Kindle Fire or other Android devices. (One of the most popular educational apps available)

Bookster (FREE with first e-book) - for Android (also available for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)
Young readers can find new literary favorites with helpful narration from kids their age. Your little ones will also learn new vocabulary words and can record themselves reading the books when they’ve finished!

Tikatok StorySpark (FREE – Books are $3 each) - for Android (also available for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)
From Barnes & Noble, Tikatok StorySpark is for your family’s pint-sized publisher. Kids write and illustrate their own books, using a catalog of art or their own photos or digital drawings for the backgrounds. When it’s ready, books are “published” under a chosen pen name and posted online at


Apps for Winter Reading---by Monica Burns (from

6 Great Reading Apps for Kids---by Dominic Umile (from Scholastic)

For information on customizable reading tools: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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