Saturday, November 2, 2013

BEST Android Apps for Struggling Readers

We’re saying “good-bye” to October and LD Awareness Month. At the same time, we’re also concluding the busiest month in our company’s history! More Reading Focus Cards were ordered by parents, teachers and catalog distributors in the past month than in any other month on record for Brennan Innovators. There is increasing evidence that many children, teens AND adults continue to struggle with reading.

For this reason, we thought we would begin this month’s articles with one that includes resources for a variety of challenged readers. Because we receive many requests for Android tech resources to help these readers, we are providing here a current and sizable list of Android apps for struggling readers of various age groups.

From the many parent phone calls, emails and orders we receive for our research-based Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759), most involve a request or concern for a young, challenged reader that is between the ages of 8 and 11 years. As stated in a previous article in this blog, prior to this age range, children are “learning to read”. From age 8 or 9, children are “reading to learn” and must utilize skills (hopefully developed earlier) to learn the content and information presented via printed media. However, if those reading skills have not been developed properly---or at all, focusing and tracking issues can be just two of the ramifications. For this reason, the first resource listed below here should be helpful to some of these readers (Apps (Android) by Bugbrained---from

The other links provided here may be helpful to other age groups. The second resource listed will provide an extensive list of some of the very best Android apps for challenged readers in various age levels, including those for adults. Many resources throughout the listing are FREE.

We hope that what is provided here will help you or someone you know who struggles daily to read with more success. Happy reading---EVERYONE!

BEST Android Apps for Struggling Readers

Apps (Android) by Bugbrained---from
Reading apps for children (up to & including the Grade 3 reading level)

100+ Top Apps for Struggling Readers (Android)---from AppCrawlr
Excellent listing of the top 100+ Android apps for challenged readers of all ages

Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Android Apps---from Good e-Reader
Good e-Reader has over 6,000 apps and games for Blackberry 10 and the Playbook. Download the latest BAR Files for Blackberry 10 and the Playbook

FREE Kindle App for Android Devices---from Amazon (NO Kindle device required!) (via + FREE e-book links!) (via Google Play Store link)

Go Read (Android)---from Bookshare
A FREE, accessible e-book reader for people with print disabilities; based on the open-source FBReader project.

For information on customizable reading tools: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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