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Back-to-School-2013: Helpful ADHD Resources

As many of you may know, we look to our readers to help us determine which topics we should address in the weeks to come. Currently, our readers are beginning to think about the coming school year. So, in response, the article for this week will attempt to provide some new resources to assist parents and teachers of students with ADHD as they get ready for the back-to-school season.

We have provided a list of great books compiled by Jill Lauren, a learning specialist and author, to read with and to challenged readers and learners so that they can more easily develop a positive attitude about school even before the term begins. Also, we have included a new 2013 back-to-school online handbook from ADDitude Magazine, the premier publication for adults, teachers and parents of children with ADHD. Finally, we have added a link to the college survival guide from the same publisher.

As always, we hope you will find these resources helpful in getting your child, teen---or you---ready for the new school year. For more tips, resources and apps to help throughout the entire year, please visit Help for Struggling Readers and consider following our blog (or just see the right sidebar on this page). Our future articles will be delivered right to your email inbox each week, and you won't miss any future resources apps, and other helpful information for challenged readers and learners.

ADHD Resources for Back-to-School-2013

Resources for Kids with LD and/or ADHD---Compiled by Jill Lauren
This is a list of great books for kids in which the main character struggles with some aspect of learning. The characters often appeal to kids with LD and or ADHD as they can relate to the characters and learn from their development. Note that many kids may benefit from having the books read to them or hearing them on tape. These books will help young, challenged learners better prepare for a new school year.

Make This School Year the Best One Ever for Your ADHD Child---from ADDitude Magazine
ADDitude Magazine’s 2013 Guide to SUCCESS @ SCHOOL includes helpful articles, printables and checklists to help children, teens and college students “get in-gear” for the new school year.

ADHD College Survival Guide: Tips and Resources for ADD/ADHD and LD Students---from ADDitude Magazine
The constant assignments, anonymous lecture halls, and daily independence of college can prove challenging for students with ADD/ADHD. Use this guide to get organized, study smarter, and put in place the school accommodations you need to succeed.

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