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It's Summer, the Season to Keep on Readin’!

It really is hard for many of us to come to grips with the fact that summer is almost here! For parts of the U.S. this past winter, we never thought we would ever see spring, let alone summer. Yet, here we are with only a few school days remaining for many students and talk of vacations, picnics, pools and barbecues is beginning to be heard everywhere, even on social media sites.

For parents and teachers, this summer vacation time may be fast approaching, but it will be a great opportunity for children, teens as well as adults to continue to include reading in their daily activities. Reading for pleasure can be a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. You can be pretty creative in how you incorporate it into your children’s or your own lazy summer days, too.

We have gathered here in this week’s article what we think are some great ideas and resources to help you and your family establish this summer as The Season to Keep on READIN'. Hope you like these ideas and find them and their resources good options for you and your child! They should certainly help to keep your child off the summer slide and much more prepared for the next fall term. Happy summer reading, everyone!

Summer Reading Ideas & Resources for at Home

1. Cool Read-Alouds: Set aside one afternoon each week (or more often, if you like) when you and your child(ren) can read aloud to each other. Choose a cool, comfortable place like a covered front porch, a window seat in an air-conditioned room, or under your favorite tree in the backyard. Take turns reading aloud during the same reading session or plan on one reader for each time. Finish the reading session with a discussion about what you read together. Add cold milk and wholesome oatmeal cookies for extra good memories.
How Do I Use Read Alouds As a Strategy for Teaching Reading?-by Karen Hollowell

2. Cozy Reading Tent: There’s nothing like enjoying a book in a shady but cozy spot outside. Safely tie a clothesline or rope to two trees or poles. Place a very large sheet, light blanket or other sizable piece of sturdy material over the clothesline. Fasten the corners of the material to the ground with clothespins or other safe option. (Modifications can be made for an “indoor” tent, too.) Then, just crawl in with a pile of good books, some lemonade and a handful of pretzels. Your child can enjoy a great afternoon while improving his reading skills. Of course, you can join him there, too! In any case, remember to always monitor your children when they are playing or reading, particularly when they are outside.
Outdoor Tent Option:
Indoor Tent Option:

Summer Reading Ideas & Resources for Away

1. The Gift of a Library Card: The very BEST way to begin any summer vacation is to make sure you and your child have an updated library card for your local or community library. This is a FREE passport to reading about other worlds, other cultures, imaginary characters, famous people and so much more. Be ready for a summer filled with reading---get that library card TODAY!
Resource to help locate public libraries near you:

2. Literary Vacation Destinations: Plan a family vacation or day trip that includes a stop at a famous author's hometown. Here are just 2 examples:

Journey to Hannibal with FREE Mark Twain Resources

Hometown of Frank Baum, Author of The Wizard of Oz---Chittenango, N.Y
Frank Baum's life and work is the centerpiece of Chittenango, N.Y., from antique shops to the annual "Oz-travaganza," a three-day block party and parade that attracts Baum fans from around the globe. The village also has its own yellow brick road, and if you follow it all the way, you'll end up at All Things Oz, "where Oz all began." This year’s Oz-Stravaganza! is scheduled for May 31–June 2, 2013

3. Presidential Library and Museum Visits
Discover if your state is the site of one or more U.S. Presidents’ Libraries. Then plan a visit complete with interactive exhibits, interesting and fun public programs, important educational events and vast archives available for scholarly research.

Other Summer Reading Ideas & Resources

1. Neighborhood Book Fair or Swap: Organize a book fair or exchange in your locale. Involve the children in choosing which books they have read to sell or trade for new ones. Think about pricing reasonably so that all can participate in your community. Invite others to do the same and provide your garage, driveway or other appropriate location for the event. Ask your children to create flyers and ask to post them at your local library or supermarket (usually at no charge.) You and your children will love the event and experience some great literary conversations with your neighbors at the same time.
For more information:

2. 10 Weeks of Summer Reading Adventures for You and Your Kids-by: Reading Is Fundamental (courtesy of Reading Rockets) Many ideas for adding reading activities and literacy to your summer fun!

For information on customizable reading tools: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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