Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Do You Hear What I Hear?"--- Better Listening Skills with ADHD

It’s that time of year when everything is hustling and bustling---it's the holidays! Whether you are celebrating a Happy Hannukah, Kwanza or a Merry Christmas, this is a busy, busy season. If you, your child or your students are challenged with ADHD, then the season may be more chaotic than busy. In some cases, organizational skills may be lacking more than usual, focus and attention could be more significantly diminished, and the ability to listen well might be even more compromised with all the sounds of the season and the activities that accompany them.

So what is a parent, teacher or adult with ADHD to do during this busiest season of all when it comes to helping yourself or others properly attend to conversations, effectively listen to a discussion or absorb instructions for an activity? At other times of the year, these tasks may already be a struggle for those with attention deficiencies, but right now, those challenges can be intensified with the excitement and busy-ness of the holidays.

During the past week, one of our Facebook fans wrote to us and requested tips for listening and remembering facts in a conversation when one is challenged with ADHD symptoms. This same fan inspired us to write this blog article that we thought might help her and other readers during the busiest season of all. We have included some resources here to help ALL readers who experience these listening issues, especially for those children and adults with ADHD or Asperger’s.

Learn to LISTEN so that YOU can experience success---in the classroom, in relationships, on the job and in life! Happy Holidays and Happy Listening, everyone!

Listening Resources for ADHD

Not Paying Attention? Improve Listening Skills in ADHD Children at Home and School
Article from ADDitude Magazine

Advice for ADHD Wigglebottoms
Blog article from ADDitude Magazine
Book review of selection written by Howard Binkow for ADHD preschoolers, who don't have to sit still to enjoy some basic listening lessons.

Improving your Child's Poor Listening Skills
Learn the best ways to help your child improve poor listening skills, attention and memory with positive behavior supports.

Pay-Attention Tips for ADHD Adults
by Lynn Weiss, Ph.D---Article from ADDitude Magazine

Listen Up: 9 Ways to Help ADHD Kids Follow Directions
by Sandra Rief--- Article from ADDitude Magazine

10 Rules of Listening
by Linda Eve Diamond (excerpts from Linda's book, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening (LP, 2007)

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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