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BEST Reading & Writing iPad Apps for ALL Learners

Some students relax and recreate with their families during the holiday season. Others, especially struggling readers, may choose to use some of their holiday time to re-read or review challenging content and prepare for the next semester’s classes. As 2012 begins to wind down, we wanted to provide our student readers with some apps to help review and prepare in the best ways possible.

The following articles and lists of reading and writing iPad apps should be most helpful for this type of review and class preparation---and, we hope, motivating at the same time as we begin a new year. Happy New Year 2013 to ALL of our readers, writers and learners here!

BEST Reading & Writing iPad Apps

20 iPad Apps to Teach Elementary Reading---With these 20 apps, children can learn how to write letters, improve phonics fluency, and even write their own books. Read on to find the very best iPad apps for developing young readers
From TeachThought’s blog

50 Popular iPad Apps for Struggling Readers & Writers---Here we highlight just a few of the amazing apps out there that can help students with reading disabilities improve their skills not only in reading, writing, and spelling, but they can also get a boost in confidence and learn to see school as a fun, engaging activity rather than a struggle.

32 iPad Apps for Better Writing---Some of the brightest of these tools can be found on the Apple iPad, and we’ve highlighted 32 of them here. Whether you’re looking for a place to scribble ideas, organize plot lines, or just find your zen before sitting down to write, these apps have got you covered. (Best for students from middle school through college and beyond)
by Terry Heick from TeachThought’s Blog

Cause and Effect (iPad App)---e Skills Learning Minimod's Cause and Effect helps students build mastery in the essential reading comprehension skill of Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect requires the student to read a passage. Some of the passages ask the student to determine the Cause, while other passages ask the student to determine the Effect. This app is carefully aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

25 Essential Apps for Mobile Learning---Educational apps for high school through college

Other Helpful Resources

12 Characteristics of an iPad-Ready Classroom---Here are 4 distinct areas of instruction and instructional design that can help frame the concept of iPad integration: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Integration.

21 Reasons to Use Tablets in the 21st Century Classroom---Some educators are still skeptical. How can a piece of technology truly enhance the learning process, without causing distraction?

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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