Saturday, June 30, 2012

Helpful Videos & Other Resources for Dyslexia

It is more than obvious that our blog and website visitors are eagerly looking for resources to help with the challenges of dyslexia. Articles on the topic are the ones most readily sought on our sites for struggling readers of all ages.

This past spring, the words of one St. Louis clinical psychologist were all too accurate: “The schools are burying their heads in the sand, when it comes to dyslexia.” She was referring to the fact that when many teachers and most schools learn of a child’s dyslexia diagnosis, they very often believe that this condition is one that does not require their providing classroom accommodations for that child.

Although what can be written in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) varies from state to state, many times, dyslexia is not even addressed. However, sometimes, if this reading challenge called dyslexia is approached or presented as a reading disability or a processing disorder, THEN the schools may be more willing to work with parents.

In the meantime, we've once again put together here a collection of additional dyslexia resources for parents AND the teachers who wish to genuinely help their struggling learners with dyslexia. If just one teacher takes a look at what is offered here, it could translate into at least one step forward for one child. Let’s hope that more teachers and their schools become both interested AND motivated to DO something about and for these children--- very soon.

Genius Within---Innovative online training for adults that will transform your dyslexia and bring out your inner genius. FREE informative videos & an online Dyslexia Profile Test are included here.

Dyslexia: Types of Dyslexia-Video by expert Dr. Diane Sawyer who provides basic information about dyslexia, including the 4 different types of the condition

Teaching Children with Dyslexia-What Accommodations Should My Child Have at School? A GOOD list of classroom accommodations specifically for dyslexia

‘I AM DYSLEXIC’: A Short Documentary-Video with various individuals (of different ages) who have dyslexia

decoding dyslexia (short)-Several segments from a 3-D animation of a TVNZ documentary entitled “Decoding Dyslexia

Spelling Technique for Dyslexic-Video (parent) presentation of special technique based on the phonics of “i-g-h” to help those with dyslexia to spell with success

The Tutor Crowd
- Blog and article containing the 10 Top Dyslexia Blogs for 2012

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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  1. Hi Joan. I have just become a blogger and am now looking to see what else is out there. My blog is Teaching and Touring. I am going to blog about my experience in Baltimore this July training young Masters Degree candidates to help struggling readers. This is an Intensive training and it is a great model. The students they teach will receive 20 hours of free one on one tutoring. The teachers will actually graduate with skills to help struggling readers. I love this model. They are receiving this degree through Leslie University.

  2. Dear Momma Jean,

    Many thanks for taking the time to write here and tell us about your upcoming blog and the educational experiences you will have with your group of Master's Degree candidates this summer.

    Do please let us know the URL for your blog once it is established. We will want to visit and keep up with your training experiences in Baltimore. Looking forward to reading about your summer with the candidates!

    All the best of success, Momma Jean!