Monday, December 26, 2011

Even More Resources for Struggling Readers with Dyslexia--Part 2

As promised, we wanted to provide you with additional resources for those readers who struggle with dyslexia. We hope you will also find these to be helpful as well as those listed in our last article here!

1. Are you a parent of a child struggling with learning strategies for reading, writing, math, test taking – or school in general? Or are you looking for methods to help yourself in some area of learning? This site will help.

2. SEN weblinks and resources for dyslexia

3. How to accommodate students challenged with dyslexia (From the National Center for Learning Disabilities)

4. A story to inspire---Porsha Buck's story follows her struggles with dyslexia and her goal from an early age to become a doctor. Porsha was the 2007 Runner-Up for the Anne Ford Scholarship and a great example of a learning-disabled student who accepted challenges with the confidence she could always overcome them.

5. Dutch researcher designs distinct characters into "Dyslexie" to make it more difficult for dyslexics to rotate, swap and mirror letters and numbers. (October 26, 2011)

For more information: For focusing tools that work! For info, resources, and support

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