Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How to Read with More Focus and Retention in the Year Ahead

Let’s face it, today’s world of handheld devices, infinite social media posts and other similar types of distractions, make it more than a little challenging to maintain needed focus while reading.

For the New Year, make a “reading resolution” to take important steps to increase your focus, not only when reading but also in other areas of your life. Keep in mind 3 "focusing" goals for 2019---More focus, better focus and sustained focus.

Set aside the time to implement the following tips. You’ll be so glad you did!

1. Turn off the instant messengers, cell phone and email notifiers.

2. Practice proper posture in a chair with good support.

3. Organize your reading/study environment PRIOR to your reading session.

4. Clear your mind for 1 minute.

5. Read in 30-minute intervals.

6. Read with one specific goal in mind.

Read with mindfulness. Have a specific goal in mind before you read the content. This will not only improve your focus, but will also help you get through the material more efficiently. The more specific your goal is, the better your concentration will be.

Although these are simple strategies, they can make such a difference in positively impacting your ability to focus when reading. Practice these tips to not only improve your reading but to also help you increase focus, even in other areas of your life. Implement these tips on a daily basis to begin forming the habit of improved focus. As a result, you will then be able to comprehend and retain the information you are reading much better---both in the New Year ahead AND well beyond 2019.


5 Tips for Maintaining A Strong Focus While Reading by Joseph Rodrigues, Iris Reading, LLC

7 Tips To Improve Your Attention Span And Focus Instantly by CJ Goulding, Lifehack

For information about customizable focusing tools for readers of all ages, please visit: ---Tools for challenged readers of all ages!

Image courtesy of: Brennan Innovators, LLC

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