Tuesday, January 15, 2019

6 Great Resources for Sensory Kids

It can be surprising to some parents and teachers that kids need to move in order to focus. Also, when the five senses are incorporated into a lesson plan or learning session, more learning results and retention is greater. If this is new to you, then take heart. We are about to provide you with some great resources to help the kids you know improve focus, reading and learning.

Often, in mid-year, teachers need to brush off their usual go-to learning strategies and create new ones to once again grab student attention and increase their engagement. One of the ways to do this is to appeal to at least one of the five senses while teaching a particular lesson. The more senses involved in the learning session, the more successful the lesson will be for the children. Retention of content learned will also be significantly increased.

Finally, there are a significant number of children and teens who are challenged with sensory issues or what is called sensory processing disorder (SPD). Loud sounds, rough or itchy clothing and/or other negative sensory experiences can cause real roadblocks to learning for these children. Sometimes, these students respond much more positively when soft, tactile manipulatives and tools, kinesthetic movement or soothing music are used when teaching. Shortening a learning session or providing breaks at appropriate times during a lesson can also be of benefit to many. There are a variety of strategies teachers and parents can use to help children with these sensory needs.

So with the above points established, we have a list for you that should help you enrich your teaching methods in the classroom AND provide help to parents at home when homework needs to be completed. We hope you will find that teaching, learning and parenting with these sensory resources will be more productive and enjoyable for ALL!

6 GREAT Resources for Sensory Kids

Resources for Parents & Professionals - STAR Institute for SPD

Helpful Websites for Sensory Kids from SensorySmarts.com

Classroom Accommodations for Sensory Processing Issues from Understood.org

GREAT Collection of Resources for SPD---via Pinterest

The OT Toolbox Resource Center from The OT Toolbox
(Enter "Sensory" in "All Categories" drop-down menu.)
Website: https://www.theottoolbox.com/

SENSORY ACTIVITY IDEAS from Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L of The Pocket OT
Printable PDF document: https://bit.ly/2QOI2im
Website: https://www.pocketot.com/

For information about customizable sensory tools for readers of all ages, please visit: FocusandRead.com ---Tools for challenged readers of all ages!

Image courtesy of: Brennan Innovators, LLC

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