Tuesday, December 16, 2014

GREAT Kids' Book Lists---for Now & Throughout the Year

We are quickly approaching mid-December and with it "crunch time" has arrived for getting just the right present for those special someones on your holiday gift list. What if you could achieve that goal within the next couple of hours? Would that help brighten your holiday spirit? Well, we think it's possible, and, as always, we want to be your provider of helpful "tools" to accomplish this.

Most of our readers know us as facilitators and resource providers for parents and teachers of students who are challenged with ADHD, dyslexia and other learning differences that often can affect reading ability and overall academic success. This week, with "holiday crunch time" upon us, we want to give you that same brand of help---book lists to help with gifting each person to whom you plan to give a present. The resources to follow here will help you give the BEST book to each individual child, teen (yes, teen!) and adult on your holiday gift list. Quickly, we think you'll discover that these collections of very special books will be timely for the holiday season as well as throughout the entire year. We also think you'll find MUCH shopping time saved, too!

Happy Holidays AND Happy Reading, everyone!

GREAT Book Lists for Now & Throughout the Year

Holiday kids' books: Reindeer and monsters, oh my!
by Jocelyn McClurg, USA TODAY
These charming holiday picture books – some playful, some traditional – will delight the young reader on your gift list for seasons to come.

10 children's books filled with the holiday spirit
by Jody Mitori, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Holiday-themed children’s books this year are mostly filled with anticipation of Santa and gifts under the tree. But one local author uses the season to address the futility of war.

Best Christmas and Holiday Books for Kids
by Sasha Emmons, Parenting Magazine
20 children's holiday books, from timeless reads to newer classics.

30 Best Christmas Children’s Books
from ChildrensBookGuide.com
Sometimes, just before bed on the one magical Eve of the year, the perfect Christmas book can make for the perfect way to lull excited children off into the land of sugar plums and fairies. But they’re also great leading up to that special day, as well as the rest of December. Grab a cookie and read up!

Christmas-Themed Books for Teens
by Jodie Wells-Slowgrove
Christmas novels come in many genres---from romance to fantasy to humor. So whether you want to laugh or sigh, there is a Christmas-themed novel that's just right for the teen on your list.

Teen Book Lists
from GoodReads.com
Many lists of the best books for teens and young adults for year 'round reading.

GeekMom’s 2014 Gift Guide of Books
by Cathé Post
This gift guide is full of books: Historical books, storybooks, reference books, baby books, comic books, and more. There's something for everyone on this list!

Tricia Goyer Christmas Reading List
by Jennifer A. Janes
If you’re looking for some great books to add to your Christmas reading or shopping list this year, consider one (or all!) of these books by Tricia Goyer. The stories are heart-warming reads that have already brightened the season for many and can do the same for you!

The ten best books of 2014
by Charles Matthews of The Washington Post
List of current books for adults.

The 10 Best Books of 2014
The year’s best fiction and non-fiction books (for adults), selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

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