Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best FREE e-Books to Engage Young Readers of ALL Ages

Last week's article presented helpful book list links to help our readers find just the right gift for the readers on their holiday shopping lists this year (GREAT Book Lists---for Now & Throughout the Year). We received so much positive input about the article from many readers that we thought it might be a good idea to continue our efforts in a similar way this week.

Let's face it. The holidays annually test our budgets and tempt us to purchase gifts that may often be too pricey. That's why this week, we wanted to help our readers avoid that issue entirely, especially as the holiday shopping time winds down and "funds" may be quite depleted. What about giving your child or teen a FREE e-book---or, better yet, a list of FREE e-books? That way, your gift will "keep on giving" not only during this holiday time but throughout the entire year! Not bad for a gift that will cost you only the time it takes to read this article and browse the e-book lists we've provided. (You'll totally avoid the mall crowds, too!)

We hope you'll find here at least one selection to appeal to a young reader you know. In fact, consider creating your own list of links personally chosen by you for a child or teen you know. Copy and paste the links selected on a Word document, fold and wrap it in a box with pretty paper and ribbon. We think it will be a treasured gift for a special young reader!

Special Notes: You do NOT need an e-book reader to utilize these resources. Just visit and follow the easy steps there to start reading Kindle apps on your tablet, smartphone, or computer! Many of these resources can be downloaded directly to a laptop, desktop or other device without a special application. In addition, please know that the books in these link lists were FREE at the time of this article's publication but may NOT be free at a later date.

ManyBooks (e-Book Selections for Children)
You can subscribe to to gain access to many FREE, downloadable e-Books. Join 120,000+ fellow readers and receive FREE eBooks and book bargains in your inbox. This link will provide many e-book titles (with downloads) for children in various age groups.

Best Free Kindle e-Books for Children
FREE Kindle downloads for children aged 7-12.

29 Sites With Free Teen & Young Adult e-Books
Within the virtual pages of these teen and young adult e-books, you’ll find realistic dilemmas, timeless themes, dating, love and messages of hope. Young adult authors have found a way to capture the minds of young readers, drawing special circumstances of a teen’s world and life through fantastic worlds of unlimited possibilities.

Goodreads---FREE e-Books for Teens
An assortment of titles of FREE e-books for teens.

For more information on customizable low-tech & digital reading tools for all kinds of challenged readers, please visit: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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