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Reading Games to Get AND Keep Their Attention (K-12)

It's no secret. Children across the U.S. are excitedly counting the days until the end of the school year. For many, the last day of the year will be just before Memorial Day. For others, especially those having to make up some of the extended winter's snow days, the last dismissal bell may be scheduled for sometime in early or even mid-June. Perhaps this year more than ever, children (and their parents!) are really looking forward to the sunshine, warmth and free time that the coming summer will allow.

With all of this anticipated fun just round the corner, how can parents keep young minds engaged over the next few months so that their children won't experience the dreaded Summer Slide, a term often used to describe the loss of learning when young minds sit idle during the three months away from school for summer vacation?

It can be more than a little challenging to ask children each summer day to daily work math problems or to read a non-fiction book a week from the first day of the summer break until Labor Day. Such suggestions just might be met with protests and resistance, unless the children are naturally avid readers or little math whizzes. However, you can pair brain-sharpening games and activities with reading and math content to keep those little (and larger) brains fully engaged all summer long. What's more, we're going to help you do it!

This week we have collected a list of links to more than a few reading games (categorized according to grade/age level) that will help your children enhance their reading skills AND have fun doing it. Isn't that what the summer should be about? The use of the resources here will also enable them to have a little more structure to their daily schedule and help them appreciate more the unstructured or personal free time they'll have, too.

It is so important to keep children reading and learning in some fashion all year long---even during the summer vacation time. "Motivating children to read throughout the year is essential to building lifelong readers," says Carol H. Rasco, president and CEO of RIF. "And reading is the doorway to all other learning." So check out our reading game resources provided for you here, choose the ones that might work best with your children and then watch them enjoy reading and learning ALL summer long. They'll be SO ready for the next school year if you do!

GREAT Reading Games to Get AND Keep Their Attention

Reading: Games, Activities & Resources (for Ages 5-8) (FREE)
Here are 12 enjoyable and helpful ways to nurture your children’s reading skills.

Fun Reading Games for Kids : How to Teach Kids New Words with "Throwing Dice," the Reading Game VIDEO (recommended for Grade 3) (FREE)
Learn new vocabulary words and home spelling skills with this dice game for 3rd graders.

Reading Games for 3rd Graders VIDEOS (most FREE)
A list of links & videos of reading games for Grade 3.¶m1=¶m2=¶m3=&vx=0

Reading Games for 4th Graders VIDEOS (most FREE)
A collection of reading games (with accompanying videos) for Grade 4.¶m1=¶m2=¶m3=&vx=0

Fifth Grade Vocabulary Learning Games (FREE)
As they prepare to transition to middle school, fifth graders enjoy reinforcing their regular vocabulary lessons with entertaining learning games that not only teach them new words in language arts but also develop their interest in learning. Practicing vocabulary concepts in a fun way ensures that students acquire new language arts skills while setting the stage for a lifetime of learning appreciation.

Reading Bingo from ScholasticKids (for Gr. 5-8) (FREE)
Print out the FREE STACKS Reading Bingo card available on this website. Use it according to the directions provided OR make up your own game for your next trip to the library!

Reading Games for Middle School (FREE)
A collection of language arts games for Grades 6-8.¶m1=¶m2=¶m3=&vx=0

Language Arts: Middle School Games (some FREE)
These games are from such sites as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a large international learning company, Beacon Learning Center, Merriam-Webster and the Adult Literacy Media Alliance.

Reading Comprehension Games for High School---by Andrew Button (FREE or with materials on-hand)
Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills for high school students. Without reading comprehension skills, it is impossible to effectively study most subjects. However, while the importance of reading comprehension is obvious, the means for learning it are not so clear. If your child or students have trouble with reading comprehension, use games to make learning the skill fun and interesting.

Fun Reading Activities for High School---by Peggy Epstein (FREE or with materials on-hand)
Providing alternate activities for teenagers can increase their interest in reading and build valuable skills. These activities can be used with all subject areas, allowing for a variety of worthwhile and entertaining reading activities.

Reading Games and Activities from K12 Reader (for K-12, categorized by grade level)
Here you'll find reading games and activities to help teach important reading concepts in the classroom and at home. Interactive activities like these make learning more fun for students and help them to understand the material.

Keeping Kids Off the Summer Slide from Reading Is Fundamental(RIF) &

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