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Math Games to Get AND Keep Them Engaged

Updated July 2015
It's that time of year when children just can't wait for summer vacation to begin, and parents are more than a little anxious about plans for keeping them busy---all summer long.

As we mentioned in last week's article, Reading Games to Get AND Keep Their Attention, it's important to help children avoid the dreaded Summer Slide, the loss of learning and developed skills during the three-month break before the new school year. In that same article, we served up a collection of literacy games for children of all ages to play, to help retain those skills and to be ready for the next academic year.

This week, however, we wanted to provide you with a similar list of math game resources to appeal to the budding mathematicians in your families or the math wizards in your classroom. Even if a child you know is not interested in developing better math skills (or doesn't like math at all!), these games just might turn the tide and entertain that same child while teaching some much-needed math skills, too.

We think you'll discover that these math games will get AND keep them engaged---all summer long!

Online Games Math Games

playKidsgames---A collection of online math games for all ages (FREE)

Math Games---from PBS
A large group of math games to make math learning fun for children K-6! (FREE)

Kids' Math Games---Enjoy a wide range of free, online math games, interactive learning activities and "fun" educational resources that will engage students while they learn mathematics. Find cool math games, interesting facts, printable worksheets, quizzes, videos and so much more! (FREE)

IXL Learning---Online math practice games that seem like play! IXL Learning provides comprehensive, standards-aligned math (and language arts practice) for K–12. (FREE but with some promotional elements)

Offline Games Math Games

Tally Mark Dominoes & Speed Racer Math Games---by A. McDonald, No Time for Flashcards
Learning after school at Ms. McDonald's house has to be fast-paced and fun. These math games are both. They are also a cinch to make and inexpensive, too.

LEGO Math Games---by Cathy James
Do you have a child who just loves to play with LEGOs? LEGOs are a classic, open-ended toy that can be used in so many different ways by creative kids---even with MATH!

Secret Code For Kids---by A. McDonald, No Time for Flashcards
This math game can especially appeal to children interested in secret codes and spies!(K-3)

Make Your Own Math Games---from TeachMama
No matter what you need to practice, a make-your-own math game is the ticket to practice that's FUN!

Unschooling Tools: Games---from Stephanie, Ordinary Life Magic
Lists of boxed games available to help teach specific math concepts.

Other Helpful Math Resources

Tools for Math Games at Home---by Erica MomandKiddo, What Do We Do All Day?
Ten, handy tools you can use with math games! You probably have most of them in a nearby closet or drawer!

40+ Resources Involving Dice---from KB...Connected
Math games, printable dice, virtual dice, math centers, ancient dice games, create your own dice and much more!

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