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Decoding Dyslexia: The Grassroots Movement Making a Difference!

Just in case you haven't yet heard, there is a movement sweeping the country here in the U.S. that definitely is making real waves AND moving things in the right direction for individuals with dyslexia. This movement is called Decoding Dyslexia, and it is already making a difference in the push for dyslexia legislation and support for parents, interested teachers and others who serve children and adults challenged with dyslexia.

The Decoding Dyslexia organization, started in late 2011 by a group of New Jersey parents, is connecting and empowering parents across the country, providing them with support and current information about proposed and pending dyslexia legislation. At this writing, there are 46 states that have each established a Decoding Dyslexia group for their individual state. As recently as last April 2013, there were only about 20 of these DD groups. Since that time, the efforts of like-minded parents have grown and combined to significantly help improve dyslexia services in schools throughout our country.

Parents of children with dyslexia or adults who want to see that services for dyslexia are improved in their state is encouraged to join their local Decoding Dyslexia group. When you decide to join, please be ready to provide support and encouragement for the cause and not just "take" the support and information offered there.

While you are at it, check to see if your DD group has a Facebook page. You can use some of the resources provided at the end of this article to help you with this. If so, LIKE the DD group's fan page and join in the social media discussion to learn all about the up-to-the-minute situation with dyslexia services in your state. You'll also find wonderful resources posted there, too. Once again, be prepared to offer and post current information, strategies and resources to the Facebook page to help other parents and adults who need your support. It's all about helping one another, supporting one another to make this kind of progress a reality.

Finally, there are some closed and open DD Facebook groups available to join. Again, you can use the resources to follow here or search for "Decoding Dyslexia" in a Facebook search box to locate these groups and all DD Facebook pages, too. You might be surprised to see just how many groups there are helping to raise awareness and provide much-needed support to families challenged with dyslexia!

Happy reading!

Sources and Additional Dyslexia Resources to Help

Decoding Dyslexia
This is the home page for the national Decoding Dyslexia website.

Locate Your State's Decoding Dyslexia Organization
Each Decoding Dyslexia State Movement has a FaceBook page and many have websites and other social media outlets. Currently, 43 states have a Decoding Dyslexia group. To find yours, visit

List of Decoding Dyslexia Facebook Pages and Groups
This is a direct link to all Decoding Dyslexia Facebook Pages and Groups

Follow progress on all dyslexia (and other) legislation across the U.S. by visiting this website. You can set up alerts so that notices of particular legislative progress can be emailed to you.

What Can YOU Do to Help Dyslexia Legislation Become a Reality?
This additional article (of February 8, 2014) from our blog contains legislative updates regarding dyslexia bills and additional resources for parents, teachers and other adults who want to help children with the challenges of dyslexia.

Decoding Dyslexia – Empowering Parents Concerned about Dyslexia Services in Schools by Lyn Pollard of Learning Ally

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  1. Joan, this is a wonderful resource for kids with reading problems. I have pinned a lot of your posts on my "Special Needs" Pinterest board. My daughter had dyslexia, and we got her early help, which is key. I write for children, so I wrote a picture book that helps and encourages dyslexic kids and their parents - there is also a Parent/Teacher guide.
    "Horatio "Humble Beats the Big D" is on Amazon with all my other books: - I also do FREE School Author Visits using Skype. Kids who have reading problems love to hear about Horatio. I would love to help any way I can.

    Books for Kids - Skype Author Visits

  2. Margot,

    It is great to receive your good comment. Thank you for your kind words here. You and I have much in common---working daily to help children challenged with dyslexia and other reading issues. I certainly appreciate your efforts in this shared mission.

    I am also aware of your picture book about Horatio. It is very encouraging for both children and the parents who try to help them manage their symptoms of dyslexia. All the BEST of success with your book, Margot!

    Joan Brennan