Friday, January 31, 2014

Keep 'Em Reading with Super Bowl Learning Activities & Resources!

It's that time of year when "Football Frenzy" reaches its highest point. For some diehard football fans, the fast-approaching tribute to the two best teams in football can even eclipse other holiday celebrations like no other. It's time for the annual SUPER BOWL Game!

Why not harness some of that frenzy and use it as an excellent opportunity to entice a reluctant reader who loves football or a chance to provide reading and learning activities for your children as you prepare for a SUPER BOWL event at your home? No matter what the situation, you'll keep 'em reading all weekend long---AND longer!

We've gathered together a timely list of links to help you. The following resources will save you considerable time in locating just the right reading activities for your children or students. We're even publishing the article earlier than usual so that you can take better advantage of the resources it includes. We hope you'll find these resources helpful enough that you just might save the list for next year's big game, too!

Enjoy---AND may the BEST team win! Happy Reading, everyone!

Reading Resources for Football and the SUPER BOWL

Going to the Super Bowl (for Grade 3) from Reading A-Z
This informational text tells all about one of America's favorite championship games: the Super Bowl. The author explains how the famous football game began, how it got its name, and how it's changed through the years. Also included is a collection of game highlights, complete with a timeline of "Super Moments in Super Bowl History." Includes related vocabulary and a guided reading lesson plan.

Top 12 Super Bowl Activities for the Classroom by Kim Haynes of
How can you take advantage of Super Bowl enthusiasm in the classroom or with your own children? These football-related activities are guaranteed to bring a winning attitude to your classroom or your home.

Super Bowl Activities from The Teachers Corner
These Super Bowl Activities will provide you with great resources that will help you bring the "Big Game" to life for children.

Superbowl & Football Theme / Unit - from Teaching Heart Teachers
Teaching Heart Teachers share some football ideas: Lessons, printables, links & more!

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