Saturday, October 19, 2013

BEST Websites for Executive Function Disorder (EFD)

The fourth in a series of five articles with specific special needs resources

Challenges with executive functiona set of mental processes that helps connect past experience with present action—can be seen at any age and often contribute to the difficulties that individuals with LD already face in academic learning. Many individuals struggle with executive function, which governs a person’s ability to plan, organize and manage details in everyday life.
(Source: National Center for Learning Disabilities---Executive Functioning: Please see website link to follow below here.)

Children who experience executive function disorder (EFD) will often struggle in school with late and/or missing assignments and will have difficulties trying to manage a daily schedule that promotes academic success. These affected children frequently have difficulties with the following:

• managing time & attention
• switching focus
• planning/organizing work & responsibilities
• remembering details
• curbing inappropriate speech or behavior
• integrating past experience with present situations

For adults with executive function issues, behavior such as procrastination, tardiness, memory challenges and more will negatively impact one’s effectiveness and success at work as well as the person’s relationships and home life.

So, what can a parent or teacher do about improving or developing executive functioning skills in a child affected by such challenges? Are there strategies or tips that might help an affected adult with these executive function issues?

We think that the best place to start is with the best information available about executive functioning skills. In keeping with this October’s commemoration of LD Awareness Month, we have gathered some helpful website resources on this topic here in our fourth in a series of five articles. We hope these links will provide the assistance needed to help you or someone you care about with executive functioning challenges.

Executive Function 101---FREE e-Book from the National Center for Learning Disabilities

Executive-Function Deficits in Children---from ADDitude Magazine

Executive Function Disorder, Explained!---from ADDitude Magazine

What Is Executive Function?---from WebMD

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