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BEST Websites for AD/HD

The first in a series of 5 articles with specific special needs resources

Most visitors to our website and those who know us at Brennan Innovators are familiar with our Reading Focus Cards (Patent 7,565,759), solutions for struggling readers. However, not everyone knows that we also provide consultation services and educational resources for parents, teachers and adults with reading challenges.

We especially enjoy connecting individuals with information and tools that can help improve reading focus, concentration, comprehension and retention for an increase in overall reading success for persons of all ages. This includes individuals with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, low vision, stroke recovery or TBI (traumatic brain injury) and other issues that can impact reading ability.

This week, we are beginning a new series of articles that will give our readers separate lists of websites with each specific to a particular special need. These lists will be current and hopefully helpful for parents, teachers and adults looking for assistance with reading issues.

To coincide with the beginning of ADHD Awareness Month (beginning October 1), the topic for the first installment here is AD/HD, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. This is the notation used for either ADD (no hyperactivity) or ADHD (with the hyperactivity component). Both children and adults can be affected by the condition, and it can occur in varying degrees of severity from one individual to another. There really is no “cure” for AD/HD, but it is very possible to successfully “manage” the symptoms of the disorder. This management may include the use of assistive tools, strategies, coaching and other helpful resources.

To follow here are some of the best websites available to help with AD/HD (both ADD and ADHD). These are the go-to sites we use time and again to refer parents, teachers and adults for the AD/HD information they need. You might consider bookmarking this page for easy access for a time when these resources might be needed.

BEST AD/HD Websites for Children & Adults

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is a national non-profit organization working to improve the lives of affected people through education, advocacy and support. From lobbying to local support groups, CHADD is a leader in the field of ADHD.

National Resource Center on AD/HD (Sponsored by CHADD) is the center funded by the CDC. It has much science-based information about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

ADD Resources is another non-profit serving the ADHD community. It has an extensive directory of workshops, conferences, publications, and articles for parents, teachers, adults, and medical professionals. The organization supports itself through memberships. (A fee to access some content) is a site where Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. and Patricia Quinn, M.D. (Edge Foundation board member) provides answers to questions about AD/HD for families and individuals at every stage of life from preschool through retirement years.

ADDitude Magazine is the site that provides numerous resources for parents and teachers of children with AD/HD as well as for adults challenged with the condition. Printable downloads, many informational articles, an AD/HD community forum and more are readily available on the site at no cost.

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