Sunday, October 7, 2012

GREAT Apps to Help Teach Reading

This past weekend, our associates of Brennan Innovators attended a second educational conference in as many weeks. This time, the conference was located in our own city of St. Louis on the beautiful campus of Harris Stowe State University.

The International Reading Association-St. Louis Suburban Council held its annual Literacy-for-All Conference for college professors, teachers, reading specialists, parents, and others interested in promoting literacy in our schools and homes. The conference theme was "Literacy for the Future". It was a very good conference.

I had the great pleasure of presenting a workshop entitled "Strategies, Tools and More for Struggling Readers" at Saturday’s event. Not surprisingly, the number of workshop attendees was significant with every chair taken in the conference room. It was apparent that teachers and other literacy advocates most definitely want to know more about how they can help challenged readers experience more reading success. Attendees were also interested in apps that could help teach children how to read.

So today, we are dedicating this blog article to just those kinds of apps. Most of the links to follow here will each enable our readers to access an entire list of apps to help teach reading and related skills. The last URL, however, will connect to a single app for use with pre-school aged children.

10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read
From HowStuffWorks---Blog article by Sarah Winkler

Top Ten Reading Apps for Children
From The Reading Corner---Blog article by Christine @ Reading Horizons

6 Great Learn-to-Read Apps for Kids
From Common Sense Media and iVillage

Best Android Apps for Learning to Read 1
by JennyMurphy

Kids Learn to Read (for Preschool)—(Android app)
From intellijoy—Price $3.99
Kids Learn to Read is a delightful game that invites preschool-aged children to practice blending sounds together to read and spell simple words, such as "dog", "sun", and "big".

50 Useful Apps For Students With Reading Disabilities--(for Apple iPads)
Studies tell us that about half of kids with AD/HD also have problems with reading, and writing and spelling problems are common, too. Here's a long list of apps designed to help.

Happy reading, everyone!

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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  1. This is a great list! I actually have been doing some heavy research on ipad apps for preschoolers because I heard they are very effective. From what I was told, the interaction mixed with education is like candy to children. I can't wait to try this out on my son!

  2. Dear Mike,

    We certainly appreciate your good compliment on our post here! Many thanks for taking the time to write.

    Yes, the children DO love and respond to the technology of iPads and other e-tablets! The colors, movement and interaction opportunities all work together to engage and maintain their attention and mental stimulation resulting in improved learning success in children. Comprehension and retention both increase significantly with these and other tech devices.

    Your son is fortunate to have a parent so enthusiastic about his learning. Please continue to demonstrate that enthusiasm for your son. He will "catch" it and think of learning as an enjoyable activity---for life!

    All the best of success in helping to teach your son, no matter which vehicle you choose to use in future---iPad, book, computer or other!

    Thank you again,
    Joan Brennan
    Brennan Innovators, LLC