Saturday, September 15, 2012

Android Apps for ADHD

It’s no secret that dyslexia apps are the most sought-after resource on our blog here. However, in second place, it’s all about apps for ADHD. Although Apple is definitely dominant in the U.S. with its iPad and iPhone apps, the Android market is growing elsewhere on a global scale---and quickly!

With this expanding Android market and the most recent statistics from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) currently showing nearly 8% of U.S. children with a diagnosis of some type of attention deficit disorder, we felt compelled to provide our readers with a collection of Android app resources for AD/HD.

Once again, let us know if you have tried some of the apps listed here, and please don’t hesitate to tell us of other great ADHD Android apps you’ve discovered. If your reviews are “glowing”, we’ll be glad to add those app titles to our list!

FREE Android Apps for ADHD

AndroidZoom: Apps Discoverer
From Androidzoom (FREE)---Discovering good apps is no longer a chore! Awesome ADHD apps can now be at your fingertips!

From Rafael Bassan (FREE)---Take this Attention Deficit Disorder test if you suspect problems with you or your child's hyperactivity or distractibility.

From GoogleKeywordsVideos (FREE) Help and support for parents of children with ADHD

ToDo List TaskDash ADHD
From kreativsinn (FREE)---The smoother way organize your daily tasks and calendar schedule---TaskDash will assign a time slot for each task according to its impact. It is so easy to be organized and productive with this to-do manager!

Voice Flashlight Free
From ADhD Studios (FREE)---Introducing the world's first and only voice controlled flashlight! A lightweight & no-nonsense flashlight / strobe light / siri light

Count! The Tally Counter
From ADhD Studios (FREE)--- The tally counter you can count on!
Count laps, reps, inventory, cars, people, angry birds, shots of vodka or even nickels from your piggy bank!

Alarm Clock Plus
From Binary Tactics, LLC. (FREE but with ads)--- This is the most fully-featured & stable Android alarm clock app available---FREE and with no limitations!

Other Android Apps for ADHD
(Prices listed are those at the time of this article's publication.)

The Best Android Apps for Forgetful People
From prices)---A list of apps to help with remembering tasks, dates, etc.

Coping with ADHD
From KoolAppz (Price: $1.37)---Helpful app for dealing with a loved one who has ADHD

ADHD Alarm Clock
From Cognitive Psychiatry PLLC (Price: $1.99)--- App is designed to help those with Adult ADHD get to work, school, or their first appointment on time every day. The app prompts the user to enter their morning routine and an estimate of time for each part of a routine, such as shower, etc.

ADHD Timer
From Niels Christian Bach (Price: $1.05)--- This app visualizes that time is moving. It is easy to see elapsed time and the time remaining. The exact time is not shown---only relative time. Works particularly well if you have ADHD. Kids with ADHD love this app and parents will love not having so many conflicts. App is easy to use. Just provide the minutes for the task and press start.

Blog site: AndroidZoom Discovering the Best Android Apps

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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