Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dyslexia + Pinterest = RELIEF!

We had such an overwhelming response to last week’s post on Struggling Readers + Pinterest = Solutions that we have decided this week to give similar attention and “focus” to dyslexia (please pardon the pun here!)

More Pinterest pinners are aware of the needs of those challenged with dyslexia than you might think. They know that these struggling readers often describe text as “shadowing”, “waving out”, or moving in some other way.

There are other experiences these readers report, too. Often, a developmental optometrist can be the preferred medical professional to test, evaluate, diagnose and prescribe the appropriate therapy or treatment for an individual challenged with these symptoms.

In the meantime, such a reader may very well be served by a collection of resources to bridge that time between scheduling an appointment and the first visit for evaluation. So once again, here we are with Pinterest, helping to provide a collection of “boards” containing resources and information about this vision-related reading challenge called dyslexia. Hope you find them to be helpful to someone you know with such symptoms!

Pinterest Boards with Dyslexia Resources

1. From Wendy Farrell---Board entitled “Dyslexia”

2. From Alison Seuter---Board entitled “Homeschooling ~ Dyslexia”

3. From Tiffany Vokes--- Board entitled “dyslexia”

4. From Karen Huppertz---Board entitled “Dyslexia Info and Tools”

5. From this blog’s author---Board entitled “Dyslexia Resources and Support”

Once again, happy “pinning”--- and reading, everyone!

For more information: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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