Saturday, February 18, 2012

Awesome Apps for Autism---& More!

We know that all struggling learners and their families need extra help and support. This is particularly important for those families in the autism community. Recently, resources have become available that are “leveling the playing field” for ALL learners, especially children and adults challenged with autism spectrum disorders. We are referring to the wonderful technology that is not only available now but more accessible than ever.

This technology has taken the form of e-readers such as Kindles, Nooks, e-tablets like iPads and apps of every kind. Parents and teachers have been calling in recent weeks to tell us how our Reading Focus Cards are helping to even further increase focus and concentration when used with these tech devices. (It is commended that a non-scratch film be used to protect the tech screens for this application.)

This blog article, filled to the brim with autism apps, software programs, and other resources, is dedicated to the children and adults on the spectrum as well as to their families who support and care for them---tirelessly. We hope what is provided here will make y our days just a little bit brighter, happier, and filled with more learning success!

Apps and App Lists

Finding Good Apps for Children with Autism (how-to article containing titles of good apps)

A comprehensive list of apps used with and by people challenged with autism.

Here is an excellent list of apps from Autism Speaks, the premier organization for autism info, resources, and support.

Apps Index from A to Z--for Children with Special Needs (+ reviews & demos from Dr. Gary Brown) &

List of Top 10 Apps for Children of ALL Abilities (for iPads, iPhones, and others-from Ms. Meg Wilson)

Apps (and much MORE!) for regular students as well as an apps section entitled “Especially for Special Education” (Scroll down the page and on the right, please.)

Other Helpful Resources (More autism apps provided in the articles to follow)

1. Blog article written by Shannon Des Roches Rosa: mother, writer, & advocate for autism/special needs. Shannon’s 9 year-old son Leo was introduced to the iPad, and she documented the impact it made for Leo and the family.

2. A second blog article, also from Shannon Des Roches Rosa, a former software producer for Electronic Arts and The Learning Company, presents important information about the characteristics of great apps for kids with autism.

Websites for Autism Support

Many FREE downloadables, resources and other support for families and teachers of children with autism:

Autism ABA Materials, Lesson Plans, Data Sheets, Games, Work Tasks, and Other Educational Resources for Students with Autism:

Links to information, organizations, techniques and strategies especially for teaching students in the autism spectrum:

Links for helpful materials and information to help your student or child with autism:

TeachersFirst's resources on autism spectrum disorders and Asperger's:

For more information: For ADHD focusing tools that work! For ADHD info and support

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