Friday, August 19, 2011

A Word-Attack Tool That Really Works!

Does your child struggle with new vocabulary words? Can it be a real challenge for your student(s) to break down words into syllables for correct pronunciation? Well, now there is an inexpensive and sensory-appealing tool that can help your child or student(s) with these issues.

The Reading Focus Card (Patent 7,565,759) can help an individual correctly pronounce and learn any new word, regardless of a reader’s age or ability level. The tool is easy to use, too!

First, just assemble the Reading Focus Card according to package directions and diagrams. Next, place the assembled device’s reading window or notch over the word to be learned. Move the tool from left to right, revealing only as much of the new word as is possible to pronounce (1 syllable at a time). The Reading Focus Card will block out other surrounding text or letters, which will promote more focus and concentration on each part of a new word. This tool and method make learning new words a SNAP! Great tool for the Back-to-School season!

For more information: For ADHD focusing tools that work! For ADHD info and support

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