Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Reading Focus Card Receives Prestigious Award

We at Brennan Innovators, LLC are more than pleased that our product, the Reading Focus Card Combo Pack (Patent 7,565,759), recently received the outstanding Kidlutions Seal of Approval. On April 25, 2011, the Reading Focus Card Combo Pack of sensory-appealing focus tools for struggling readers was distinguished with this award. The Kidlutions Seal of Approval is only awarded to products that solve problems for children, parents, educators and others as well as change lives!

We are very proud and grateful to receive this award. We wish to thank Ms. Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD, and her team of mom-reviewers for evaluating the Reading Focus Cards and for making the decision to award this Kidlutions Seal of Approval to our product for struggling readers.

We invite you to read the blog article written by Ms. Young at Feel free to enter your own comments if you, your child, or someone you know has benefited from using our Reading Focus Cards. We will appreciate your comments!

To read testimonials from teachers, parents and students who have used the Reading Focus Cards, please visit

For more information: For AD/HD focusing tools that work! For ADHD info and support


  1. Joan,

    We were more than pleased to award the Reading Focus Card (RFC) with our Seal of Approval. The RFC is a phenomenal tool for individuals struggling with reading for a variety of reasons. It is a game-changer!

    We wish you all the best of success!

    Wendy @Kidlutions

  2. Thank you one more time, Wendy @ Kidlutions. Your good words mean much to us and the work that we do to help struggling readers.

    We love your word "game-changer" here! Thank you for taking the time to post your comments and positive input!

    Happy Reading to you and to all of your associates at Kidlutions!

    Joan @ Brennan Innovators, LLC
    Creator of the Reading Focus Card

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