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BEST Websites for Assistive Tech: Audiobook Resources

Part 1 in a series of articles about Assistive Technologies for Challenged Readers

If you know or help a challenged reader, you also know that the RIGHT technologies can make ALL the difference in the world for an individual's level of reading success. Being aware of the BEST technology available for a specific reading issue will increase the possibility of that same individual experiencing even MORE reading success.

When printed media presents problems for some readers, there are helpful tech options available to allow such individuals to read with more comfort, focus, comprehension and retention, improving the over-all reading experience. In this article, we present text-to-speech as just one type of technology that can significantly help and support all types of struggling readers.

Text-to-speech technologies convert printed text into spoken words using synthesized voices. This type of technology is built into most computer operating systems, mobile devices, and e-book readers. In addition, there is a range of software, apps and extensions that also provide this support. This text-to-speech technology provides much support for the many readers who need it in the form of audiobooks, recordings of human narrators reading aloud.

Resources for Audiobooks---When LISTENING Is a Better Option

Kindle Fire and Immersion Reading
Kindle Fire's VoiceView features IVONA's natural language text-to-speech voice.
Immersion Reading (Video)
See the e-text highlighted while listening to narrated audiobook.

Audible app (for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

All You Can Books

Overdrive Media Console
Borrow digital audiobooks and e-books from local libraries.

Learning Ally Link (for Mac, PC, iOS)

Learning Ally Audio
iOS app for Learning Ally audiobooks.

Learning Ally Audio
Android app for Learning Ally audiobooks.


Assistive Technology Tools for Learning Differences, ADHD, and Executive Function Challenges
by Shelley Haven ATP, RET

AT Toolbox-Assistive Technology Tools for Education---Text To Speech

For more information about assistive technologies for challenged readers, please visit: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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