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BEST Books for Younger Challenged Readers (Ages 4-8)

The last article in a series of 3 (different age groups)

As the holiday season draws to a close, so does our series of three articles here with book lists and resources for challenged readers in various age groups. We thought that providing this information at this time would help parents and teachers discover books for gift giving to reluctant or struggling readers.

This last article is intended for younger readers (age levels provided with each selection). Some of the books listed are geared toward children who daily experience the challenges of dyslexia. Others touch on more general reading problems. One book even deals with bullying, which is an issue that, unfortunately, many students face in our schools today. At the end of the resources list, you’ll even find a link to a site that offers FREE e-books, which can be very helpful to young challenged readers (as e-readers and other tech devices for e-books can help diminish visual stress experienced by some challenged readers.)

We hope you’ll agree that each of these selections offers more than just one more book for a child to read. They each have something “special” to offer a young person whose self-esteem is at stake because of a struggle to read.

Happy reading---AND Happy Holidays, dear readers!

BEST Books for Younger Challenged Readers

Tacky the Penguin---by Helen Lester & illustrated by Lynn M. Musinger (ages 4-8)
This delightful tale of an odd penguin that doesn’t fit in with the “perfect” penguins in his colony is well suited to budding out-of-the-box thinkers who often do things differently from their peers. Stories give children a way to think positively about themselves and Tacky is a hero for children who struggle with differences. A Read-Along Book/CD combo is also available.

It’s Called Dyslexia---by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos & illustrated by Nuria Roca (ages 4-7)
Whoever said that learning to read and write is easy? The little girl in this story is unhappy and she no longer enjoys school. When learning to read and write, she tries to remember which way the letters go but she often gets them all mixed up. After she discovers that dyslexia is the reason for her trouble, she begins to understand that with extra practice and help from others, she will begin to read and write correctly. At the same time, she also discovers a hidden talent she never knew existed!

Thank You, Mr. Falker---by Patricia Polacco (ages 5-8)
"This story is truly autobiographical. It is about my own struggle with not being able to read. This story honors the teacher that took the time to see a child that was drowning and needed help...Mr. Falker, my hero, my teacher, not only stopped this boy from teasing me, but he also noticed that I wasn't reading well and got a reading specialist to help." -Patricia Polacco

The Alphabet War: A Story about Dyslexia---by Diane Burton Robb and Gail Piazza (ages 7-10)
"When Adam was little, he loved to sink into his mother's warm lap and listen to her read." Yet, reading becomes a frustrating, daily battle once Adam starts school. Finally, in third grade, Adam learns that he has dyslexia...and begins a journey back to enjoying reading.

FREE e-Books for Young Readers---from Pearson Education, Ltd. (for Primary Grades)
Everyone deserves a rest when they’re at home, but it’s also important for children to keep up with their reading practice if they can. To help make reading fun at home, this resource provides FREE access to a range of e-books for teachers, parents and children. No sign-up, no login, no fuss.


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