Saturday, August 17, 2013

Math Apps & MORE for Challenged Learners!

Teachers are more than a little busy right now getting their classrooms ready for that first day of the new term. Parents are organizing their to-do lists preparing their children for a great academic year. Students are anticipating that first day with a new teacher. Challenged learners may actually be a bit anxious about the approaching weeks. However, everyone is getting in gear for the new school year!

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, you are most likely interested in helpful apps and ready-to-use resources to help learners of all kinds and of all ages. We thought as a follow up to last week’s article entitled Math Made Easier for Challenged Learners, we would provide you with a list of direct links to all types of math apps, worksheets and other activities that would also be helpful for struggling learners. These can be used before or during the approaching fall term.

Please let us know if you are aware of other apps, downloadable worksheets or printable math activities of this kind. We will be more than glad to add them to the list below.

Have a great school year, everyone!

Helpful Math Apps

Math Apps for Children with Special Needs---from Dr. Gary James
Summaries and direct links to math apps for all kinds of learners

Math Apps and Learning Tools for Kids (Apps listed for ages 2-14 years)
Learning and practicing math is always more fun when it’s part of a game. We like these apps and other related learning tools for how they use creative methods to teach kids math concepts.

Apps for Special Needs (Math)
Download a complete list of Apps for Special Needs (PDF). Direct links provided to iTunes App Store for each app. When accessing the apps through this link, your will be helping to raise funds for special needs each time you purchase.

Helpful Math Worksheets & Printables

FREE Printable Math Grids and Other Math Helpers-from Do2Learn
These grids are easy to print and help to keep numbers in the correct column when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. You can write the problem in colored pencil or ink and have the child use a regular pencil. Dot-to-dot number worksheets, a printable multiplication table and number lines are also available via this link.

FREE Math Worksheets-from K5 Learning
Printable worksheets for each grade level from K-6 are available via this site.

FREE Math Printables for Special Needs-from SENTeacher
Many excellent math printables are available here for all kinds of learners.

Helpful Math Activities & Other RelatedResources for Special Needs

Math for the Fun of It!-from
Here you will find a variety of enjoyable activities to assist you in teaching your child a few basic math concepts.

Math activities for special needs children
Here you will find e-books available online that include math activities and related resources for children with special needs.

Make Math More Fun for Your Special Needs Students with These Card Games!-from BrightHub Education
by Anne Vize
Most teachers in special education like to have a grab bag of ready-to-go activities they can pull out at a moment’s notice. These card games and activities work well with high school learners with low numeracy skills. Kids love playing with cards, and they provide age-appropriate learning skills.

Reading Focus Card (Model #001) can be used in many math applications, too.(Photo at right)

For information on customizable reading tools: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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