Saturday, June 22, 2013

All Kinds of Brain-Training Exercises ---for You & Your Child!

You may already know that certain brain games and critical thinking activities can help train the human brain to improve cognitive skills. These are the skills needed for successful learning.

Recently, medical experts in the field of neurology (science of the brain) have made an important discovery. Your brain is an organ that possesses what is called plasticity. This means that it is mold-able and can be strengthened or even changed. The neurons in your brain, and their connecting synapses, can actually be re-arranged to promote faster, more efficient learning. Cognitive brain training exercises take advantage of this plasticity.

At the same time, did you know that playing a game of Hopscotch, Four Square or even Jumping Rope can also help improve your brain? Yes! These games and others like them can actually exercise your brain as well---as the rest of your body---and improve its function. This happens through the mastering of hand-eye coordination, balance, sequencing and other skills that promote brain connectivity or the crossing of the brain’s mid-line, a necessary part of brain training.

So, this week’s article is all about resources for improving brain function both with specific, physical exercises and with other brain-building activities. By adding a few of these to your and your child's daily regimen, you'll both be ready for just about any cognitive skill workout. What's more, your child's next school year could be even more productive! Do them together, and imagine what great things could develop for BOTH of you!

Physical Activities to Improve Brain Function

10 FREE Brain Gym Exercises (Downloadable Handout)—by Colleen Evans, Ph.D.

Physical Exercise for Brain Health

Other Brain Training Activities

25 Sites and Tools to Exercise Brain

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