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BEST Brain-Training Apps for More FOCUS!

There is currently a great deal of buzz in educational circles about something called brain training. What is brain training? One definition for this term is “learning ways to increase your intelligence, memory, ability to think, etc.” (Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus, published by Cambridge University Press).

How does one go about “training a brain” in order to increase the ability to focus, think or improve other executive functions? Many current methods of brain training often involve the use of digital apps targeted to address one specific or a group of cognitive skills. These may be served up via iPads and other iOS platforms or Android and similar devices.

Some of these brain-training apps are scientifically validated with documented research and can actually offer genuine cognitive training and/or even remediation or improvement programs for such issues as ADD, ADHD and other challenges that affect cognitive ability. Other “brain-training” apps are provided for their educational or entertainment value only.

This week, we have gathered here numerous brain-training apps and lists of such apps that will also include information about their scientific validation (when available). We hope these resources will provide parents, teachers and other adults some viable options for significant brain training!

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Brain-Training Apps

Fit Brains Trainer-by Vivity Labs (FREE)
Updated: March 20, 2013
The #1 education app in 76 countries! Top-ranked brain trainer app with more than 20,000 ratings averaging 4.5 stars worldwide. The Fit Brains Trainer is a scientifically-designed app for iPhone and iPad that provides a collection of brain games, personalized training sessions, and visual tools to help you improve your brain's performance. The Trainer utilizes an innovative and adaptive learning system that automatically scales the level of each brain game to your appropriate level.

Lumosity Brain Trainer-by Lumos Labs, Inc.
(First 5 sessions FREE with subscription for remainder)
This brain training app from Lumosity is backed by solid scientific research by leading neuro-scientists from Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley universities.

CogniFit Brain Fitness-by CogniFit
Updated: April 16, 2013
CogniFit is a scientifically validated brain training app. Play different brain games to challenge your mind and train your cognitive skills like never before!

10 iPhone Apps that Boost Brain Function-by Become A Nanny
Posted : January 15, 2013 (Some apps are scientifically validated.)
Your iPhone may be able to actually boost your brainpower! These 10 apps are great brain-training apps that are purported to increase brain function, actually making you smarter!

Ansel & Clair: Triassic Dinosaurs-by Cognitive Kid, Inc. (Price: $1.99---for iPad)
All three apps in the Dinosaur Trilogy begin with Ansel & Clair visiting a modern dinosaur dig site. Meet paleontologist Dr. Lindy Bones, learn about cool fossil tools and then dig for fossils from the Triassic period. Travel back in time to meet Triassic dinosaurs and other creatures. Learn a variety of different concepts and contextual subjects including science, geography, geology, and of course zoology, without even realizing it. The first three Ansel & Clair apps have won 15 awards from prestigious parenting and product review organizations including the Parent’s Choice 2012 Silver Award Winner and others.(Researched and scientifically accurate)

Top 10 Brain Training Apps for iPad and iPhone-List by AppCrawler Beta (Price: FREE or $.99 each)
The 10 BEST brain-training apps from the reviews of 460 total apps ---Various developers (Some apps are scientifically validated.)

Android Brain-Training Apps

Brain Training---by QQ TSUBASA (FREE)
Find out your “brain age”. Simple yet addicting app that tests your “brain age” based on your game performance. (No information is available regarding scientific validation.)

Brain Training: Focus-by IT-EO (FREE)
Feeling out of focus? Want to improve your concentration skills? Train your brain with Brain Training: Focus! Focus is an addictive brain teaser game, where you match the Color of the word with it's name, while being mislead by your daily thinking habits. This app is based on a scientific discovery made by American psychologist John Ridley Stroop that demonstrates interference in attention.

Top Android Apps for the Brain-by ModernChakra (Lists provide both FREE and $ apps)
This article is actually a compilation of several short articles with different lists of brain-training apps. Obviously designed for mobility, these apps are great for keeping your brain sharp when you have a bit of free time. Take a few minutes and play some memory games, or reflex games---anything to keep your mind active and alert. (Some apps are scientifically validated.)

Top 10 Brain Training Apps for Android-List by AppCrawler Beta (Price: All are FREE)
The 10 BEST brain-training apps for Android devices from the reviews of 154 total apps---Various developers (No information is available regarding scientific validation.)

General Brain Training Program Lists from BrainGameReview (with Reviews)
Web page offering 3 categories with links to various types of brain-training programs:
1. A children’s section or product for general cognitive skills training
2. A list of brain training publishers offering K-12 cognitive training or ADHD remediation/improvement programs
3. A list of sites providing online games with an educational or entertainment focus. Most of these sites do not offer (or claim) any scientific validation behind their games.


Website with lists, links and reviews of brain-training apps

Brain-Training Tools for More Attention, Less Deficit-Article by Paul Gilbert (ADDitude Magazine)
These ADHD therapies offer fun and games with a serious purpose: increasing your child's focus.

For information on customizable reading tools: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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