Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marvelous Math Morsels for Young Mathematicians

Do you have a child or teen who prefers to work with numbers rather than read stories? Is your child self-motivated to learn math above her grade level? Would you like a ready list of FREE yet excellent math links at the ready for the next rainy day?

Well, here is just the list for you. You will find almost any grade/math level needed, too. Several will allow your child to work independently from his current grade level in math to any level he chooses (even through college calculus!)

If you need help encouraging your child to brush up on her math skills over the summer, you might suggest links #6 or #8 below here. You will see her
become excited about math in no time because these links will provide some great online math games to enjoy!

So, try a few of these links and please let us know which one(s) work best with your child(ren) and why. We would love to hear from you!

1. 2,000+ FREE Math Videos – Every Topic in Algebra through Calculus! Excellent site.

2. A “bountiful” offering of math resources is listed here by grade level.

3. Please visit this site for explanations and examples covering decimals, percents, integers, probability, and much more. (Very good for 6th-8th grade math)

4. Free sample math worksheet downloads (for Grades 1-9)

5. Here there are many math help resources available, including math lessons, math games, and a math help message board.

6. Link to many MATH GAMES for ALL grade levels---Great site for practice AND fun!

7. This is another great website for those times when a student needs help with solving algebra problems.

8. Various math games for K through Middle School. Includes interactive as well as printable math games.

9. Use this free, web-based countdown timer to time math worksheets, quizzes, tests, projects, games, or other classroom activities. 100% JavaScript... Nothing to download, no software installation. This timer is perfect for math practice, writing assignments or any other school work activity that has a time limit. Enjoy!

10. Try these math PowerPoint presentations all ready to go for middle school students!

11. Choose the appropriate level from the left sidebar. Then begin to answer the math problems presented at that level. You will receive immediate feedback about your answers. Investigate the "1-2-3-4 Step" feature where you can find explanations, examples, etc. for the math problems presented. How many problems will you answer correctly?

12. Math tutorial videos and practice on any level---FREE! (YouTube videos)---Also, many other tutorials for various content areas (over 2,100 lessons online)

13. An article by Anupma Sethi that includes a GREAT list of interesting, educational math activities and resources for kids to do themselves!

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