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More Great Apps for Children with Down Syndrome

We continue to be excited about how technology is truly leveling the playing field for persons of all ages with additional needs. The unique features of e-tablets and e-readers in particular(i.e. iPad, the Kindle, etc.) and the advantages they provide can now enrich the lives of many individuals of all ages who experience physical and mental challenges on a daily basis. This could not be more significant than for children and adults with Down Syndrome.

In March of 2013, we published an article here in our blog entitled BEST Apps for Children with Down Syndrome. Since that time, nearly 10,000 readers have visited our blog site to access that particular article and its resources still posted there. We’re excited about this level of interest and thought it was about time that we provided a 2014 update for parents, teachers and others who care for and teach children challenged with Down Syndrome. Hope you discover at least one resource here to help you or someone you know!

More Great Apps for Children with Down Syndrome

Special Needs Apps: 10 Apps for Down Syndrome (for Apple & Android)---from Friendship Circle (FREE & various prices)
This one webpage provides a basket of app titles, descriptions and direct links for help with social, organizational and behavioral development as well as literacy skills and more. (For all ages)

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps for (Special) Education---Published by Eric Sailers (FREE and various prices)
This is a list of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps for education and special education. Each app in the list provided includes a one-sentence description by the author.

Desktop APP---Reading Focus Cards (Patent 8,360,779)
This DESKTOP app is the digital version of the low-tech, physical Reading Focus Cards tools (Patent 7,565,759), solutions for struggling readers. This app provides very practical support for children and adults with Down Syndrome, low vision, ADHD, dyslexia, stroke or brain injury issues, autism and other conditions that can affect reading success. This desktop application promotes more FOCUSED online reading of almost ALL digital media (webpages, PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets & more.) In addition, the app supports touch-screen technology (where applicable).
1. For Macs (desktops & notebooks):
Visit the Mac App Store and search for Reading Focus Cards or go directly to
2. For Windows PCs (desktops & laptops):
Visit Gumroad at OR visit the Microsoft Windows Store and search for the app called Reading Focus Cards. (No URLs are ever provided for apps in the Windows Store.)

Special Words (Apple version updated for iOS 7 & Android version updated for Android 4.4)---from Special iApps
Teach your child to recognize early vocabulary written words, and encourage their speech development, on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and on Android tablets and phones. Supplied with 96 pictures and matching written and spoken words in 19 languages, based on the See and Learn Language and Reading resources from Down Syndrome Education International. Personalize with your own words, pictures and audio, and transfer these to and from the Special Stories app.

APPS for Down Syndrome (Most are FREE.)---Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization
Here is a list of websites that offers apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android phones.

See and Learn apps (Various prices)
See and Learn apps offer engaging activities designed to promote early development for children with Down syndrome on a variety of computer and tablet devices. These apps present similar activities to those included in the publisher’s printed kits and download editions for each step in the See and Learn programs.
Special Note: Coming Soon! NEW See and Learn apps will be launched in early 2014 for a variety of computer and tablet devices.

For information on customizable reading tools for ADHD & other reading challenges: Tools for struggling readers of all ages! Info & support for struggling readers

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